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“This too Shall Pass,” Priority One: Prepare and Protect yourself and your family, practice social distancing, stay positive and informed: Local: COVID-19 Nassau County National: COVID-19 CDC | Homework: Keep Busy Search MLS 24/7. We’re all in this together, I’m here for you… Bill

I hope you and your loved ones are well during this unprecedented “life on Pause” situation. I’ve been a dual licensed, New York state Real Estate Broker, successfully representing clients since, 1985. 35 years without interruption; there won’t be one now.

I’ve navigated the aftermath of the market crash on Black Monday, October 19, 1987, relocated evacuating New York City residents to Long Island after 9/11, assisted seller clients facing foreclosure, through short sales during the mortgage debacle in December 2008, showed, listed and sold homes after Superstorm Sandy, in November 2012 and have accurately forecast local marketplaces since 2014; I have decades of experience creating prevailing strategies during, “adverse marketplaces” and circumstances.   

Since first hearing of the Coronavirus in late January, I’d been monitoring its gradual evolution, then sudden quixotic growth into a worldwide pandemic, concentrating on the ever-increasing collateral effects to the real estate industry. I’ve been working closely with national industry leaders and local service providers and now know the scope, new challenges and how to overcome them, while remaining socially and legally compliant.  

We’re in the infancy of a buyer’s market; project ahead, what’s a seller see? Be a Buyer.

‘With the Fed cutting rates to 0% and re-starting quantitative easing, including purchasing mortgage backed securities, mortgage rates are poised to drop back down and may even hit new record lows.’

— Danielle Hale, chief economist at Realtor.com

On March 22, 2020, for the first time in history, per Executive Order by Governor Cuomo, Real Estate licensees have been precluded from holding open houses, public and in-person showings of listings, handicapping sellers and most real estate licensees.

This is to your advantage. As your Accredited Buyer’s Broker, ABR, I can visit homes of serious interest, that you can View Virtually via FaceTime or Skype, as I’ve done for years for out-of-area, relocation buyer clients, to view homes from anywhere in the world.

My message to each of you is that, I am working and available to discuss your goals, set realistic expectations and when they can be achieved. If you must buy a home tomorrow, I can easily make that happen, please call me today to discuss.

I can minimize the challenges by working with my experienced, affiliated professionals; mortgage brokers, title agencies and attorneys, all of whom know how to achieve your goals in today’s environment. A transaction can be delayed during the title search, by a local municipality or County Clerk’s Office. If staffed, I can visit these offices and expedite, if not, this is nothing more than an impediment, the transaction will close.

Ready/Need to Buy Tomorrow, Call or Email Me Today, I’ll get it done.

Buyer on Pause: Buy in 3-6 months or when the dust settles: Email to receive: Monthly Market Reports that show: New, Pending and Closed property listings, see Listed Prices, Closed Prices and DOM; use this time to become an expert!

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