Bill Bodouva, Jr. offers thirty-five years of combined business experience: Dual Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner and Corporate Broker Associate and the Executive Director of WNB+A Architects and Planners.

Bill Bodouva, "Prepares your Strongest Offer, Presents it with Verified Financials and Terms, Then Prevails on your behalf!" 

Once an offer has been deemed, "acceptable to proceed," moving quickly, with thorough due diligence, is Pinnacle to Prevail. Over the past three and a half decades, Bill has dealt with most local real estate service providers, many add unnecessary risk, with no benefit.

Bill eliminates unnecessary risks by providing experienced real estate professionals, who cohesively work together on a daily basis. Each affiliated pro is known to most listing agents as the best in their respective field. This combined with Bill's written assurance in your offer, "he's the transaction coordinator and will oversee the entire transaction," is how he prevails on his client’s behalf!

Bill is NAR Designated, Certified & Experienced to specialize in "Dual, Sell then Buy, Synchronized Transactions," that close flawlessly! 

Using Bill's recommended pros strengthens his presentation of your offer, allowing him to represent: "My Buyer Clients have retained my respected team (each named in offer) of Top-Rated Industry Professionals, including mortgage broker, home inspector, insurance agency, local real estate attorney and title agency. I coordinate all and Guarantee a Smooth Transaction, that will close on schedule!"

Most affiliated pros offer preferred rates, to Bill's Buyer & Seller Clients!  

Bill financially verifies, pre-approves and prepares his buyer client's during his purchase offer strategy, then prevails by negotiating their "Lowest Purchase Price and Best Terms," by including verification of these facts in their purchase offer!

2019 #1 Top Producing Nationally Accredited Seller's Specialist, SRS & Hall of Fame Buyer's Broker, ABR.

Experienced, Real Estate Mortgage Professionals

 Financial Professionals: Mortgage, Recast or Refinance, Banks and Lending Institutions 

Mortgage Pre-Approvals are Mandatory in Today's Competitive Marketplace! In Today's Market, a Seller's, aka Listing Agent, will Not consider an offer without a Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter from a Known and Respected lender.  Step #1. Speak with Bill Bodouva

Based upon your conversation, he'll use 35 years of experience to recommend the most qualified mortgage professional to manage your financing. Rest Assured, that the complex mortgage process, from lowest rates and pre-approval letter, to your contract's mortgage commitment date, that the milestones of your transaction will be met and you'll close smoothly. 

Residential Mortgages, Conventional, Adjustable Rate, Recasting, Refinancing 

Commercial, Investment Properties 

Richard Pisnoy, Principal Silver Fin Capital - Shopping dozens of banks for Home Buyer's Lowest Rates. - Direct Office: 516-304-5007

Experienced, Local Real Estate Attorneys

Full Service, Power of Attorney, Digital Signature, International Transactions, Wire Transfer, Contract-Closing flat fee, Avail 24/7.

Once an offer has been deemed, "acceptable to proceed," moving to contract immediately after due diligence and the completion of your home inspection requires scheduling and 24 hour availability, 7 days per week to prevail. I'll emphasize the importance of this by stating: "year after year, I prevail, on my clients behalf, over dozens of home buyer's and/or their agents, because my pros are always available and my lifelong experience as a project manager allows me to schedule, coordinate and execute quickly."

Contact Bill, so he can recommend the most qualified, local real estate Attorney for your specific legal requirements.

Selling a Home to Buy A Home? Then you're like most second/more home buyers. Bill uniquely specializes in Marketing, Selling, Finding, Negotiating in the coordination of, "Dual, Sell and Buy, synchronized transactions," that close flawlessly! 

#1 Rated on Long Island, The Diamond Law Group (VIDEO)

Richard Klein, Esq. Partner, Diamond Law Group

Katrina Lentino, Esq. Associate, Diamond Law Group

Delia Young, Paralegal Associate Diamond Law Group


SELLING a Home to BUY A Home? Then you're like most of today's Home Buyers. Contact The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Accredited Seller Representative Specialist, SRS and Hall of Fame Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Bill Bodouva ABR to be your advocate!

Marketing and Selling your current Home for “Your Highest Sale Price and Least Days on the Market;” foresight and extensive experience is required, to know the specific terms that must be negotiated during your Sale, to create your strongest Purchase Offer and Lowest Price, etc.

The consequence? Your offer is, “Subject to the Sale of your Home,” the absolute worst contingency in any market. Without experienced pre-planning and savvy negotiation skills, you’ll have no choice but: first close on your current home, find temporary housing, then put your furniture into storage, before you can make an offer on your new home! Don’t wind up there!

Too many Home Sellers, who are also Home Buyers wind up in “that place” because they underestimate the potential consequences and then pay dearly with no recourse, only themselves to blame!

There's a better way. Call Me, Bill Bodouva, so I can explain the details while searching and Finding your New Home and Negotiating “Your Lowest Purchase Price, with the favorable Terms I'll negotiate for you!” Then the easy part for me, a lifelong project manager, Coordination of your dual, “Sale and Purchase transactions," synchronized to close on your Sale first, then your Purchase, flawlessly! 


Ask Bill which professionals he recommends to achieve all your goals, on your timeline; Bill’s goal is to exceed your goals! 


Experienced Real Estate Professionals, Vendors and Service Providers:


Title Insurance Companies

Pro National Title Agency

Angela Buffa, Sr. Vice President

Office Direct: 516.677.9757 Email: 


Homeowners and Flood Insurance Companies

Christina Shaw, Allstate Insurance Agency

Christina Shaw, Principal 

Office Direct: 516.900.1234  | Email:



Home Inspection Companies and Engineers 

HouseMasters Home Inspection Services

Matt Kaplan, Principal

Office: 800.805.1122 | Email:




North Shore Home Inspection Service

Richard Toscano, Principal

Office: 631.261.1468 | Email:


Land Surveyors & Subdivisions 

Bladykas & Panetta Surveyors

Chuck Panetta, Principal

Office: 516.922.3031 | Email:


Tax Certiary / Grievance Specialists

Aarons & Associates Appraisers 

Dan Aarons, Principal

Office: 212.349.3944 | Email:



Real Estate Appraisers

Aarons & Associates Appraisers 

Dan Aarons, Principal

Office: 212.349.3944 | Email:



**Bill Bodouva, CBRB, WNBRE: never receives a referral fee or co-marketing incentive when offering affiliated service providers.  

The Diamond Law Group

Richard Klein, Esq.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Linda Ressa

Linda Ressa

 Sales Manager, Private Mortgage Banking, President's Club Member
NMLSR ID: 406272 

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Lending Specialities

  • Pre-Approvals - 12 hour document verification
  • Commitments - 7 to 10 business days
  • Lending to the professionally employed
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgages
  • Vacation Home Financing
  • Condominium and Co-Op Lending
  • Conforming Loans and Jumbo Mortgages